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We have few rules and no prizes . The first rule is that the submitted photo/movie/drawing be of swimmer (or?) in a classic "on-your-mark" stance. The second rule is that the swimmer (or?) be headed for an unusual "pool" or non-pool, or they must exhibit an unusual stance or be in unusual surroundings, or they must be unusual swimmers. You will note the repetitive use of the word unusual. The more unusual, the better. The object is to take a great photo of an out of place swimmer, in what can best be described as his or her mark

The idea apparently originated last year as the brainchild of Lupe Marroquin. Stan Steck suggested using the idea as a way of maintaining a certain dynamism on the AKMS web site (although he didn't use these words). I came up with the idea of a contest which has devolved into a non-contest (we're trying to have fun here folks!) Now, it's up to you to start looking for/thinking about photo ops.

I've posted some very nice examples of the genre linked to the thumbnails below. The original batch were submitted by Lupe Marroquin.

A and very doggy entry was submitted by JoAnne Wainwright. Can anyone beat this???

Some fine "onyourmark" examples were captured in Germany by Annie Haxby.

Kristin Smith, from Cordova, captured a a very bold example of Jay Beaudin "cooling down" on the Mt. Eyak Ski Hill in Cordova in early August. Talk about your open water swim, Yikes!

Ed & Sandy Mjolsnes submitted a wonderful "extreme short course" start example.

My daughter, Shea, suggested a sort of response to the Mjolsnes photo, but wants it titled "wishing for a hot tub"; ... I guess that'd be directed at me.

Jan Rumble, our VP, shows true form in the "crab pot" start, the "side of the ship" start, and the "surrounded by fishing gear" start.

Anne O'Brien is legitimately proud of two-year-old son Jarod's start form...now she needs to work on the water part

Ed Mjolsnes sent in an Alaskan Classic. The title given was "Praying for Spring". In the On Your Mark context, it should be titled "Praying for a Pool".

Check out the new, and very artful (picturesque?), but anonymous contribution to the OnYourMark non-contest. It ranks up their with my favorites!


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