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Many great photos were taken at the Spring Splash - Long Course Meters meet. I've been struggling with a way to share them with you all without taking up a tremendous amount of bandwidth or disk space . I've decided to try something a little different. I've collected the images into QuickTime Movies. To view the slide shows and movies you will need QuickTime installed on your system.

QuickTime can be downloaded (free) and installed on Macintosh and Windows computers. Just click on the Get QuickTime button to the left. There are a few of you that will not be able to view the images in this format.

For those of you unable to use QuickTime, older or incompatable systems, I've put together an index page for about 1/3 of the images. If you'd like to see all of the photos or movies, let me know and we'll arrange a viewing.


All of the photos were collected into QuickTime slide shows. The photo collections (1 and 2) consist of a variety of images of meet participants, swimming, Bartlett Pool, officials, and "other" stuff. If you would like higher resolution images of any of the photos in these collections let me know.

  • To view collection 1 (16 photos in a 152K QuickTime Movie) click here.
  • To view collection 2 (51 photos in a 476K QuickTime Movie) click here.
  • To view collection 3 (27 photos in a 500K QuickTime Movie) click here.

Susan Condon and Gene Sweat, our primary photographers, captured several sets of photos showing some great swimming technique. Rick Abbott was there model.

So, I give you, swimming with Rick.

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Rick Morph

See Rick

(48K QT)

Rick Swim close-up

See Rick Swim

(92K QT)

Rickswim distant

See Rick swim some more

(160K QT)

See Rick Turn

(52K QT)

Rick Turn start
Rick turn again

See Rick Turn again

(136K QT)

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