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Open Water Challenge
2012 Results

Men’s 10K – Kris Calvin 2:42.13, Robert Huber 3:34.51

Women’s 10K Amity Calvin 3:44.18

Men’s 5K- Leif Calvin 1:11.21, Richard McKern 1:11.54, Kevin Knox 1:19.48, Frank Pernoetto 1:19.59, Grant Turner 1:20.48, Dean Orbison 1:23.20, Eric Martin, 1:23.28, Eric Holmgren 1:23.48, Peter Weiland 1:33.11

Women’s 5K – Tracie Harang 1:28.24, Patty Herman 1:32.44, Kim Rice 1:34.28, Heather Saline 1:36.42, Erika Knox 1:37.37, Cheryl Fellman 1:39.00, Rene Mann and Joan Lauber DNF.

Men’s 1K- Luke Thomas 16.34

Women’s 1K – Amy Watson 25.30, Adelaide Johnson 25.42

Boy’s 1K – Jack Weaver 21.41, Maki Saline 24.54

Girl’s 1K- Kaysia Whitmill 17.20, Skylar Moore 17.59, Ava Parrish 22.02

The 2012 race included swimmers from all over the US, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas, Minnesota and California. Swimmers from Juneau also participated. Local swimmers turned out in record numbers with 16 hailing from Sitka.

This was the first year for the race to offer the 1K distance for both adults and youth. Race organizers were very excited to offer the new race to offer both the kids and adults. For some it was a great opportunity to try open water swimming as a competitive event. Whether competing against others or a personal goal or two, getting in and swimming any of the distances in this challenge is definitely courageous.

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