Once again, a big "THANK YOU" to Northern Lights Swim Club Boosters for running the meet. Their volunteers set up all the equipment, did all the deck jobs, and cleaned it all up after the meet. And they did it all on a volunteers basis. Without the support from the Boosters, our meets would not be possible. Thanks also to the NLSC club swimmers and the master's swimmers who helped time.

Being a small meet did not stop the records from falling. Despite only 36 of the 44 registered swimmers actually hitting the water, 32 individual and 4 relay records were set. Records were set in every event except the 400 free (which only had two swimmers). We had at least six first-time participants and several others who were back after a several year absence.

Seven women set 15 records, 11 of which were broken and 4 of which are new. Margret Van Flein continued to set the standard in the 70-74 age group by setting records in all 5 of her events. Margret also broke the 400 and 800 free records she set last year with her splits from the 1500 free. The oldest women’s record broken was by Christine Tait in the 40-44 back, last set in 1998.

Nine men set 17 records, 15 of which were broken and 2 of which are new. Matt Dixon also set a new NW zone record in the 45-49 200 back. Matt Hershock made a clean sweep of all the 30-34 breaststroke records. Daniel Blake set records in all four of his events. The oldest men's records broken were by Frank Bihlman (45-49 200 breast) and Ed Mjolsnes (65-69 200 IM). Both of these were last set in 1988.

In the 200 free relay, the men's team of Ed Mjolsnes, Jim Lima, Forest Brooks, and Daniel Blake established a new record for the 240-279 age group with a 2:59.81.

The mixed 200 free relay of Mimi Cook, Christine Tait, Mark VanArsdale, and Michael Sorensen broke the existing 120-159 age group record with a time of 1:55.46.

The mixed medley relay of Christine Tait, Mark VanArsdale, Matt Dixon, and Mimi Cook established a new record for the 160-199 age group with a time of 2:10.70.

The reluctant 400 free relay team of Rick Abbott, Christine Tait, Frank Bihlman, and Shannon Titzel
established a new record for the 160-199 age group with a time of 4:32.19.

New State Records

Women 25-29

Holly Willman           200 IM          2:54.13

Women 35-39

Shannon Titzel          400 IM          5:59.56

Women 40-44

Christine Tait          50 back           35.53
Christine Tait         100 back         1:16.23

Women 50-54

Paula Smith             50 breast         41.64

Women 55-59

Colny Tucker            200 free        2:43.83
Catherine Brooks        100 fly         1:57.20
Colny Tucker            400 IM          6:49.45

Women 70-74 
Margret Van Flein        50 free          57.71
Margret Van Flein       400 free        9:28.34 (split from 1500 free)
Margret Van Flein       800 free       19:20.58 (split from 1500 free)
Margret Van Flein      1500 free       36:47.90 
Margret Van Flein       100 back        2:31.79
Margret Van Flein       200 back        5:14.04  
Margret Van Flein        50 fly         1:29.03

Men 30-34 
Matt Hershock            50 breast        32.02
Matt Hershock           100 breast      1:13.40
Matt Hershock           200 breast      2:42.46

Men 35-39
Steve King             1500 free       24:10.23
Michael Sorensen         50 fly           27.68 
Michael Sorensen        200 fly         2:23.85

Men 45-49

Matthew Dixon            50 back          29.74
Matthew Dixon           200 back        2:24.51 (submitted for zone record)
Frank Bihlman           200 breast        3:04.14

Men 50-54 
Rick Abbott             100 free          56.91
Rick Abbott             100 fly         1:06.52
Ken Winterberger        400 IM          8:21.98

Men 60-64 
Daniel Blake             50 breast        39.80
Daniel Blake                100 breast      1:26.94  
Daniel Blake                 100 IM          1:20.95
Daniel Blake                   200 IM          3:03.40

Men 65-69

Edward Mjolsnes         200 IM          4:17.66

Men 200 Free Relay 240--279

Edward Mjolsnes, James Lima, Forest Brooks, Daniel Blake                2:59.81  

Mixed 200 Free Relay 120-159

Mimi Cook, Christine Tait, Mark VanArsdale, Michael Sorensen            1:55.46

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 160-199

Christine Tait, Mark VanArsdale, Matthew Dixon, Mimi Cook               2:10.70  

Mixed 400 Free Relay 160-199

Rick Abbott, Christine Tait, Frank Bihlman, Shannon Titzel              4:32.19