First, a big "THANK YOU" to Northern Lights Swim Club Boosters for running the meet. Their volunteers set up all the equipment, did all the deck jobs, and cleaned up after the meet. And they did it all on a volunteers basis. Without the support from the Boosters, our meets would not be possible.

Meet attendance continues an upward trend after several years of declining numbers.  Forty-seven people registered and 41 actually swam.  We had at least five newcomers, several people who returned after a break from competition, and one visitor from Washington, Frank Warner, who came straight from the airport to the pool to participate.

One of our new swimmers, Christopher Klein, went right to work on the record book, breaking four records in the men's 25-29 age group.  Margret Van Flein continued to build records for the 70-74 women as she added six more to the five she set last year.  Colny Tucker not only set state records in all five of her events, all five have been submitted for zone records as well.

Kudos to Brian Young, Steve Taylor, Clint Carpenter, and Christopher Klein.  Not only did they swim the first ever 400 free relay, they did it shortly after swimming together in the 200 medley relay.  Kudos also to our senior (280-319) 200 free relay team of Edward Mjolsnes, Donna Cherrier, Margret Van Flein, and Yaro Mucha.  They took 17.08 seconds off the existing record.

Overall, the women set 12 records, five of which were broken and six of which are new.  The oldest record broken was the women's 55-59 100 IM, last set by Susan Ellis in 12/2002.  The men set 17 records, 16 of which were broken, and one of which is new.  The oldest record broken was the 65-69 800 free, last set by George Etsell in 11/1988.

Niel Thomas and Edward Mjolsnes both broke George Etsell's 400 record; in fact, Niel broke it twice and was the state record holder, for about 1 1/2 hours. Niel first broke the record with his own 400 swim, then swam a faster 400 during his 800 race. However, Ed set an even higher standard during his 800 swim, so his time is the one that ultimately ended up in the record book.

All of the relays set records; five records were broken and four are new.

New State Records

Women 35-39

Shannon Titzel          400 IM          6:08.67

Women 55-59 all 5 submitted for zone records

Colny Tucker             50 free          30.63
Colny Tucker            100 free        1:11.67
Colny Tucker             50 back          38.71
Colny Tucker             50 fly           35.59
Colny Tucker            100 IM          1:25.18

Women 70-74 
Margret Van Flein       100 free        2:06.23
Margret Van Flein       200 free        4:32.90
Margret Van Flein       400 free        9:33.34 (split from 800 free)
Margret Van Flein       800 free       19:32.38
Margret Van Flein        50 back        1:11.63
Margret Van Flein       200 IM          5:16.32

Men 25-29 
Christopher Klein       200 free        2:03.07
Christopher Klein       200 fly         2:21.15
Christopher Klein       200 IM          2:22.8
Christopher Klein       400 IM          5:18.08

Men 30-34
Brian Young             100 breast      1:20.68

Men 45-49

Robert Forgit            50 breast        33.66
Robert Forgit           100 breast      1:16.20

Men 50-54 
Rick Abbott             100 free          57.36
Rick Abbott             400 free        4:48.87
Rick Abbott             100 back        1:09.70
Rick Abbott             200 back        2:33.90
Stan Steck              100 breast      1:24.08

Men 60-64 
Ray Hamilton            100 IM          1:37.18

Men 65-69

Edward Mjolsnes         400 free        7:31.75 (split from 800
Edward Mjolsnes         800 free       15:31.69
Edward Mjolsnes         200 breast      4:12.14

Men 75-79 
Yaro Mucha              100 breast      2:07.72

Women 200 Medley Relay 120-159

Melissa Head, Vickie Hauff, Katie Levy, Shannon Titzel                  2:35.71  

Men 200 Medley Relay 120-159

Brian Young, Steve Taylor, Clint Carpenter, Christopher Klein           2:05.88

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 120-159

Nan Werdin-Pfisterer, Robert Herrick, Monique Lussier, Mark Samson      2:25.87  

Mixed 200 Medley Relay 200-239

Rick Abbott, Paula Smith, Stan Steck, Colny Tucker                      2:14.96  

Men 200 Free Relay 120-159

Rick Abbott, Clint Carpenter, Brian Young, Mark Samson                  1:50.22  

Mixed 200 Free Relay 120-159

Shannon Titzel, Steve Taylor, Nan Werdin-Pfisterer, Christopher Klein   1:56.55  

Mixed 200 Free Relay 160-199

Melissa Head, Dana Hyams, Ken Winterberger, Robert Herrick              2:24.88  

Mixed 200 Free Relay 120-159

Edward Mjolsnes, Donna Cherrier, Margret Van Flein, Yaro Mucha          3:21.22  

Men 400 Free Relay 120-159

Brian Young, Steve Taylor, Clint Carpenter, Christopher Klein           4:11.48